Justin Zuniga

Justin Zuniga

I refer to myself as an "Academic Mentor" instead of a "Teacher" or "Instructor" because there is more emphasis on participating in a learning-relationship.Not a "my way or the hwy" type of classroom. I believe there will be many times where I will learn from you, just as much as you'll learn from me. So what shall we learn together? Lets Explore!

I help people who want to “Go Green” become verdant.

Pisa U! Hello!
My name is Justin Zuniga and I am here to help you set new standards for yourself and your family.

I’ve been teaching since 2009 and love working with students of all ages. I believe everyone is a life-long learner and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, they just need the right teacher or more engaging content.

I have acquired my BA in Liberal Arts as a Dual History and Philosophy Degree.

My passion is for Self-Sufficiency and I am glad to pass-on to you the knowledge I have gleaned from starting a Permaculture Homestead.
Welcome to my class!

I am offering classes FOR ALL AGES:
1.) Zero-Waste Land (4 Sessions): We will learn tools that will help us live Zero-Waste lives, which means we will discuss how send less trash to the landfill by turning it into art and learn how we can grow nutritious food and go to the store less often.
Zero-Waste Land Youth Intro:Ages 8-14
Zero-Waste Land Youth Advanced: Ages 15-18
Zero-Waste Land Adult: High School Grad or 18+


2.) Coffee Snobs (2 sessions): For individuals who are serious about their coffee, we will learn how to perform “Coffee Reconnaissance” when we enter a Cafe and also how to take our home brewing to the next level.
Coffee Snobs:

My Education

University of Nevada, Reno: '10
Dual BA in Liberal Arts from UNR
Sierra Nevada College: '18
Arts of Teaching Program

My Experience

Washoe County School District: '09-'17
Student Graduation Advocate
Reno-Sparks Indian Colony: '18-'21
Education Advisor