Juan Rodriguez

Brief: Jack of All Trades

Hi I'm Juan! I have a lot of experience from so many fields from Sales and Management to Art and Break Dancing. I can give a presentation to to a group of stakeholders or get down on the dance floor! Needless to say there is never a dull moment with me around. What I have found from my years of experience is that I love being around people and I love to teach. As my Father was a teacher I think it might be hereditary.

Hello! This is is my story.

So as stated in my brief I used to breakdance. So the first course I will be offering is and Introduction to breakdance where one will learn the basics to be a breakdancer.

I learned to breakdance in High School and was taught by a (B-girl)Ivy, and I received my official (B-boy) name, Number Juan, from a professional breakdancer called, B-Ware. I joined a breakdance crew called the Concept Breakers with my brother and since then have participated in small events and performances throughout my life and even taught some moves to the kids ( and adults ) at my church. I now dance as a hobby in the mornings to stay in shape.

A video of me doing some moves

My Education

General Assembly (UXD) Immersive
User Experience Designer (2021)
Knowledge Broker Blueprint Certification
Knowledge Broker (2020)
High Ticket Closer Academy Certification
High Ticket Closer (2019)
Amazing Selling Machine Certification
Amazon Seller (2018)
New Jersey Dept. of Banking and Insurance
Licensed Life Producer (2017)
New Jersey Dept. of Banking and Insurance
Licensed Real Estate Agent (2016)
Bergen Community College
Fine Arts (2003)
Clifton High School
Advanced Art (2002)
Clifton Recreation Center Break Dance Class
Honorary B-Boy (Breakdancer) (2001)

My Experience

Self - employed
User Experience Designer
Self - employed
Real Estate Agent
Self - employed
Amazon Seller


Break Dancing
Fine Art
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