Joshua Logans

Professional Street/Graffiti Artist

Self-Taught Street/Graffiti/Tattoo And Urban Artist. A Complete D.I.Yer Of The 90's And Visionary Of Our Time.

Salutation! This Is My “What x Why!”

I Love Cartoons. I Love Colors. I Love Creating. At An Early Age I Started Drawing But Lack Basic Techniques And Skills To Achieve The Look I Was Aiming For. After Years of Ups And Downs Artistically. I Discover A Mentor.
Through His Insight And Showmanship I Later Advanced In My Craft As An Skilled Artist. Not Many Kid From My Demography Are Given Supplies. Tools And Let Alone The Guidance Need To Shape One Into The Ultimate Creator. So I Present To You The Path To Being The Ultimate Street Artist.

My Education

Art Institute Of Austin 2009
Graphic Designing

My Experience

Photoshop Professional
Creative Director
Self - employed
Creative Producer
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