Jennifer Kent

Creator & Coach Miss Jen

So happy to have an opportunity to us to connect! I'm Miss Jen, as children call me, and so grateful to have 20+ years experience as a homeschooling mother of five, preschool teacher & program director, homeschool curriculum director, children's ministries director and parent program facilitator and mentor. Through my own family experiences, was led into health and wellness and an entire new learning world opened! Blessed to be trained as a Master T-Tapp Trainer by Teresa Tapp and after a year of intense study, near certification with the Magneti Mind Method. My passion is helping others create a life they love and help them remove any resistance or barriers. Then gp back to your true creative nature and purpose living a life you love! WellnessJen is an author, speaker, creator and adventurer teaching experiences from toddlers through seniors from nature, stress management, fitness dance, thermal biofeedback, Powered-Up Posture and Magnetic Mind Homeschool Preschool & Exuberance Women's Empowerment team!

Hello amazing friends!

So excited to offer you lots of experiences and learning opportunities for growth, fun and fulfillment!

Look forward to an interactive experience for children, adults and even families!

My Education

University of Minnesota-Duluth
Bachelor of Arts degree
sociology, criminology & political science
Certified Fitness Trainer
Master T-Tapp Trainer - Certified and trained by Teresa Tapp

My Experience

Master T-Tapp Trainer 12 years
Self - employed
Assistant and Consultant
Choreographer & Instructor
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