Jamie Cavadini

Art Instructor

Art instructor with over 20 years of drawing experience. Self taught professional character artist and comic writer.

So, Who Am I Anyway?

My name is Jamie, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to draw! My first experience as an artist was when “Titanic” came out (I’m aging myself, I know) and I wanted to draw like the main character. So, I found a pencil, some paper, and started drawing.

When I started out, my main influences were comic books, animated shows, and Tim Burton’s artwork. As I became more experienced, I found a style of my own and realized that I wanted to pursue my career in this field.

I believe that being an artist is something that you are born to do and not something you need to learn at a fancy university. I learned everything I know by observing others, studying art that I loved, and through online courses/tutorials.

I hope to have the opportunity to teach you what I have learned about art and visual story telling over the years. I look forward to helping you on your creative journey, like those who took the time to teach and inspire me!

My Education

Southern Connecticut State University

My Art Experience

Self - employed
Graphic & Comic Artist 3+ years
Self - employed
Commission Based Artist 10+ years
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