Hill Young

Visual Art

Hi! I'm Hill Young, a teaching artist with a passion for self-care advocacy and visual art. Creativity is an important piece of self care. Self expression through the arts helps us navigate our personal experiences, often bringing joy, understanding and relief from stress. This amplifies our individual journey of growth as well as connection to others. What can we create together?

Hello! This is my story.

Hill Young is a vibrant, multi-faceted creator inspired by the strange and unusual adventures of life. Hill is focused on engaging the world through unique art experiences and holds a powerful message of earth stewardship, wellness and connection with the dream inspired forms she creates.
Through her studio painting, teaching, performance and installations Hill encourages us to find the authentic spark within, in order to heal and better support our individual paths, our communities and the planet as a whole.

My Education

Art Institute of California-San Diego
BS Graphic Design
Pomegranate Center
Community Fellow

My Experience

ARTS - A Reason To Survive
Teaching Artist
The Painted Hill
Muralist and Illustrator
Solidarity Farm School
Teacher and Co- Founder
Rancho L'Abri
Therapeutic Art Facilitator
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