Gerald Frys


Gerald Frys is a College Graduate from SUNY at Buffalo. I have worked several years in the Computer Consulting industry. My experience includes employment for a Renewable Energy Company, Energy Masters, LLC. Hugh Jones, the Owner, is a retired Consultant for the Dept. of Defense, working at the Pentagon. He worked for the Gov't., for many years. The US Military is the largest consumer of energy in the US.

Hello! my backround for this course

I have extensive experience in the Computer and Construction Field. My work with Renewable Energy included numerous NYSERDA small business energy Audits. (NY State Research and Development Authority.). These audits provided detailed outlines for building enhancements, and cost cutting measures. ECM’s they were called. Energy Conservation Measures. I’ve selected one audit, as an example for this course.

Much of my work accomplishments are transparent. If you have ever been to Upstate, NY. you can see the results. Many of the buildings around SUNY at Buffalo, have Anderson Windows and Morgan doors installed. High quality residential building materials. Much of the region has our products installed in Upstate. After completing one energy audit, at a municipal building, The village officials decided the building was too costly to upgrade. They closed it, and moved to another facility. I don’t consider the audit was a waste of time. It provided needed information for decision making.

My Education

B.S. Bus Adm. - SUNY at Buffalo
My computer work resulted in a position as a programmer for Unisys Corp., in Rochester NY
Tom Henry's Learn to be an Electrician
Basics of safe electrical practices.
Millwork Esstentials
Industry Standard trends and practices for the millwork industry. .

My Experience

Computer Systems Consultant for several years.
Projects were primarily using Unisys and NCR computers and equipment.
Construction related.
Worked for an Anderson Window and Morgan door distributor. Pricing, sales, and customer quotes'.
Energy Masters LLC.
Small business audits, fabricating portable solar panels. Assembling and assisting in the installation of Grid Free Power Stations (GFPS) used by the biggest consumer of Energy in the US - the military.