Gail Weissman

Fine Art Instructor/ Coach

Making art is the alchemical work of the soul. I am not the true teacher, nature is. I am simply the guide, the interpreter, the editor a coach that can advance your working knowledge quicker then you could perhaps on your own. I have developed a course of study that makes understanding the complexities of constructing an image from start to finish fun and simple. Everyone can do it and no two results are alike”. Gailweissman

About Me

I have made art most of my life but did not take painting seriously until I left my undergraduate studies where I graduated with a rare degree in charcoal drawing.I discovered painting after I left school. People knew my work I had success but I wanted something more from my paintings.I felt I had not quite hit the X factor .So I went to graduate school and met a master color smith who advanced my process and in fact taught me how to paint without painting. From my years of study and struggle I have developed a simple method that gets anyone drawing and painting right away. My style of teaching is very casual you cannot do it wrong. I offer a master style class to students of all ages and skill sets. If your new to art I always start at the beginning. If your a seasoned artist my courses are a great way to stayed tuned up and feel supported. Bring a friend and inspire them.

My Education

JFKennedy University
MFA master of fine arts (Arts and Consciousness program)
San Francisco Art Institute
BFA bachelor of fine Art (drawing in charcoal)
School of Visual Arts
Two years of foundation skills
Art Students League NYC
2 years portfolio preparation
Rhode Island School of Design
Summer program
Psychic Horizons
Clairvoyant meditation certificate
Center for Attitudinal Healing in Sausalito
Death and Dyeing Councilor

My Experience

Pour Your Art Out
Self - employed
Painting Events
Private lessons
Paint Lab
Tutorials ,Demonstrations ,Workshops
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