Fannta Drummer

Hey Beloved!

Lover of seeking truth, history, prayer, family, hardwork, integrity, art, dancing, running, joy, peace... Hi, my birth name is Fannta and I like it, but you can call me Yarusalem: City of Peace. I am thankful for this opportunity and I look forward to serving you.

A Bit About Me:

Hi, I grew up in Missouri, a small town named Webster Groves. Middle girl of 2 sisters, the daughter of a teacher, my mother has been an educator for 20 plus years. This is where my humble beginnings started. I now have 3 beautiful children each one very creative and loves art.

Missouri is where I started teaching, I taught in the Saint Louis Public School and the Special School District from 2004-2006 as a Teachers Assistant and Substitute Teacher.

While working on my budding teaching skills another gift of mine was starting to unveil itself, entrepreneurship. Creating with my hands was and still is therapeutic and peaceful. I got into vending at craft fairs, music concerts, art events in the park, live art performances in nearby towns, I started combining my art talents of dancing, singing, drawing and crafts.

My Education

University Missouri Saint Louis
Bachelor of Liberal Studies (2012)
St. Louis Community College
Associate in Applied Science (2004)
University Missouri Saint Louis
Certificate in Non-Profit and Management (2012)

My Experience

Art for the Soul
Summer Enrichment Program for youth ages 7-17, where children gather to learn and discover creative experiences through art lessons.(2014)
Self - employed
Current Owner of Asili Nchi; a small home base business, we create, make and market all natural hygiene products started in 2009 to Current
Healing the Face and Body Classes (2015)
Taking our healing into our own hands using non-harmful ingredients.