Elise Hunter


I am Ansley Ray, I teach immersion Into the German language to adults and children. I also offer moving meditation, which includes martial arts, stretching, yoga , breath and energetic work

Hello! This is my story.

I grew up with a mom, who is German. My first language is German. As a child, I spent time living there, immersed in the culture. I love teaching people and interacting with new friends. I am a nurse and health coach and offer moving meditation as well. I have a black belt in TIA and have practiced moving meditation for 15 years, and had my own movement collective.

I am a nurse and do health coaching and assisting people to do their best. Through my own healing journey through Lyme, I have found many useful techniques and tools, I would like to share. I write, play music, do yoga, meditation, breath work and study various healing arts, intensively.

My Education

USC Upstate
BSN 2005
Upstate Karate
Crowleys Martial Arts
Black Belt

Healing Touch

Level 11
Private practice
Coaching and beauty
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