Edna Raia

Sketch Comedian / Characteress

Edna Mira Raia is is an award-winning LGBTQ Latina and socio-political comedic writer in San Francisco. Trained in mime and clowning, performing arts and social justice, Edna has rooted her solo and sketch writing for the last eight years in physicality and dark subject matter. Since founding her company, Potatoes Mashed Comedy, in 2015, she has consistently written and produced between twelve and fifteen sketch comedies, collaborative plays, drag shows and monologues per year. Edna’s comedic storytelling orbits the under-represented characters of the human and animal world. She aims to connect strangers through deep laughter.

Welcome to the world of sketch writing!

In this class you will test your sketch writing skills in various thematic structures and start to find your comedic voice, whether it be weird, lighthearted or dark. I will teach you to identify types of scenes and break down comedic storytelling. By the end of class, you will have the tools to script your own material!

My Education

University of San Francisco
BA in Performing Arts & Social Justice 2008
Flying Actor Studio
Neo-Classic Mime & Clowning certificate 2010
Second City Conservatory
2021 - 2022

Sketch Writer

Producer, Writer, Actor
Self-produced shows since 2013
4 Sketch Troupes since 2013
SF SketchFest
Featured show in 2017
Founder of recurring sketch show
Edna in a Bottle since 2018

Major Theatre Productions

Two-woman clown show, Alice Down the Rwong Wrabbit Whole
First feature length clown show in 2011
Three-woman show, Spaghetti Monologues
Monologue show in 2015
Harsh Sadness
Marsh Madness competition 2018 & 2019
Solo show, Altars for my Alters
Monologue show in 2018, SF Fringe Festival


Monologue tour in Chicago, IL
Various theatres in 2016
Solo show tour in Orlando, FL
Orlando Fringe Festival


3rd place Marsh Madness
Sold Out Award
Best Box Office
Best of SF Fringe