Diego Prada

Diego Prada

It is well known that each person has its own innate qualities; hence each person finds ways of contributing to the world by sharing them. Making music and teaching is my way of doing it. I really enjoy when I have the chance to help other people to improve in their musical ideas, but more important, when I get the opportunity to see how their lives changes through the music.


Diego holds a BM degree in music, besides he has been learning from many renowned musicians. His passion for traveling and sharing his ideas has taking him to many places in the world where he have had the opportunity to perform with talented musicians and learn from them.

Since 2015 Diego has been working as a guitar player for the cruise-ship company Holland America Line, where he has performed shows for entertaiment companies like BBC of London and RWS Entertainment Group.

Diego has also experience teaching since 2011 and he is so passionated when it comes to education. He became teacher in the school where he studied and he is been working as a teacher combining this activity with music performance.

My Education

UNAB University
Bachelor of music
C.E.M.B music academy
Jonathan Kreisberg workshop
C.E.M.B music academy
Aaron Goldberg workshop
C.E.M.B music academy
Mark Levine workshop
C.E.M.B music academy
Mike Moreno workshop
C.E.M.B music academy
Lage Lund Workshop
C.E.M.B music academy
Postgraduate course in composition (Maestro Blas AtehortĂșa)

My Experience

Holland America Line (2015-2020)
Guest Entertainer / Guitar player
Proship Entertaiment
Musician (2015-2020)