Devin Clements

Devin Clements

Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor, Photographer, Fitness Fanatic


My name is Devin Clements and I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I have taught various group exercise and fitness classes and have trained many individual clients to help them achieve their goals.

Physical training is a passion that has stemmed from years of love for fitness and all things exercise- related. The pursuit of fitness and optimal health are an exciting, everlasting journey. It is not just a hobby that keeps you in shape, it is a wonderful life-style that enhances your life overall and builds a better, stronger you with each day.

Here, I would like to help you spice up your fitness adventure with various workouts, techniques, tips, knowledge and guidance a the certified that almost anyone can use, beginner or advanced. Cheers to new path in your fitness adventure!

My Education

Fullerton College
Associates In Professional Photography
Fullerton College
Mathematics Associate in Science Degree

My Experience

9 Round Kickboxing Fitness
Crunch Fitness
L.A. Fitness
Personal Trainer