David Giles

Garden Master Dave

The similarities between plants and animals is a lot closer than many think. It never surprises me to hear of new research into how plants can communicate with one another and have very animal like tendencies. Do they respond to classical music? Who knows. But I do know, what they eat, how they live and often can read their non verbal communications. They call it a green thumb, but it is really just learning how to understand our fellow creatures needs and comforts.

Moses to the Roses

I must have heard it a thousand times. “My plants have some mysterious disease. What can I do? I water them all the time!” They may or may not have a disease, but that is the tip off this Gardener has no clue what Plants need. It may not be a giant mystery, and I am often horrified to hear the advise given by supposed experts in the field. Misinformation is rampant in the Industry. Organic Gardeners are often smug and self delusional, and High Tech gardeners throw chemicals at a problem having no idea the problem not the chemical they are using. But there are answers to how to grow. Plants are your friends. Learn what they need and both of you will have a much happier relationship. The plant will be beautiful and bountiful, and you will impress other Gardeners with 10 green fingers, not just a single green thumb.

My Education

Arkansas Tech University
Major in Fish and Wildlife
Virginia Commonwelath University
Major in Sculpture and Painting
AIMS Community Collage
Major in Welding
Bettys Azalea Ranch
Tutor under Steve Cockerham

My Experience

Lawn Care Professional
10 Years
Nursery manager
5 years
Garden Consultant
5 years