Danna Danson

Third Perspective Films

Danna Danson is President and owner of Third Perspective Films, an Indie film company. She is currently writing a rock opera for screen and theatre, and is writing her first novella. Danna also works as a makeup artist promoting cosmetic brands at special events for Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Ulta stores throughout Orange County, California. She often films weddings and commercials for small businesses, and is starting her own you tube channel called Monarch Meditations.

Hello and Welcome!

I’m excited to share with you my knowledge and skillset throughout my working career in screenwriting and makeup artistry! I am offering my classes to both children and adults!

Special Effects Makeup Artistry and Face Painting is a fun and exciting class! Students will learn transformational artistry techniques in various creative looks, as featured on the Netflix show ‘Glow up’. The course will entail application and blending styles for glamour, fantasy, animal, and festival, themed looks.

My screenwriting classes for both adults and children will be fun filled, adventurous, and lively, as together we explore the dynamics of screenwriting!

Students will learn to tell the tale of the Hero’s Journey… The triumphs and challenges of the protagonist’s quest to achieve his or her ultimate goal to victory! Together we explore the various personas of characters our hero meets along his journey, as he experiences his twists of fate, emotional epiphanies, and cliff hangers while discovering the true nature of his allies, and betrayers!

My students will learn to write a compelling story along with the logistics of ‘visual writing’ for screen, within the three act structure.

Topics discussed will be the main plot points beginning with a dynamic hook, to grab and engage the viewer. As the story unfolds to the climax, and finally the resolution!

I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge and passion with you in my fun filled classes of visual story telling in both makeup artistry and screenwriting!

My Education

Chapman University, California
BFA Communications in Film
Bunka University, Tokyo, Japan
Fashion Design
Saddleback College, California
AA Fashion Design
Saddleback College, California
Orange Coast College, California
SFX Makeup Artistry

My Experience

Third Perspective Films