Daisy Ibarra

Spiritual Guide

Hello, you have found yourself in the realms of spiritual learning. Brought to you by Daisy, who has found an interconnected loop of Alternative healing remedies. Largely based in the medical healing's of Eastern and Native American philosophies.

Hello! Welcome To Our Portal

I am proud to be apart of the instructors on this site. Here to help guide others into a different approach in living.
Brought by personal experience working in metaphysical shops that promote energetic healing and the belief to use crystals for meditation, or some form of energy healing like reiki, curandera cleanses/readings, etc. So far, it has been a very fun and interesting journey to learn from multiple guides (teachers) in how to protect and advance our energy.

This teaching was then connected to our studies in Alternative medicine as it has taught me so much on the avenue of health. Something that has a lot to do with seasonal (elemental) change, emotions, environmental cues, and the long standing debate of nature v. nurture.
Something that comes with great acknowledgment and a lot of strength to overcome the programmed comforts set by modern distractions.

My Education

Everglades University
Bachelors of Science in Alternative Medicine

My Experience

Self- Enthused
Sales Associate
Metaphysical : Crystal Shop