Cyril Botelho

Volleyball and Yu-Gi-Oh Instructor

Aloha, Born and raised on the beautiful island of Kaua'i, I learned to play volleyball in 2008 by joining some friends in the backyard and just competing with eachother everyday. From there, I have been fortunate enough to be able to join and learn from the legends of Lokahi volleyball club on Oahu, where my skills and control sky rocketed with their amazing trainings both indoors and on the beach. Now, I have over 10 years of experience against elite competion reigning from Collegiate level competition, to AVP level competition, to FIVB level competition and am growing and learning with each new challenge and game I compete in til today. HAHA!! For the game of Yu-Gi-Oh (Old school style) since 2001 when the amazing show came out on TV, I have fallen in love with the game and it has become my favorite card game to ever want to play. I have watched the strategic plans of the characters on the show, created strategies of my own to play with and have played the amazing game on and off for over a decade, including taking part in a tournament or two in the process. IT'S TIME TO DUEL!!!! HAHA!! Welcome to my classes!!


Volleyball – Started on Kaua’i learning how to play in the backyard in 2008, then moved to Oahu and joined Lokahi Volleyball club and sharpened up my skills alot under their coaching. From there I’ve played many types of Volleyball from indoor, to grass, to courts, to Beach with many, many different skilled players from pros to lower levels and have shaped up to be a pretty great player overall today. Haha!!

Yu-Gi-Oh – Started on Kaua’i by watching the amazing series on TV and fell in love with the game ever since. Played the card game, the video games, the online games and even in a tournament or two with some fierce competition. THE BEST CARD GAME EVER MADE!! HAHA!!

My Education

University of Hawaii
Electrical Engineering student
Kapiolani CC
AA in Physical science, pre-engineering, Life science
Kaua'i CC
AA in Liberal arts