Christopher Jones

Professional Photographer

With 10 years of experience, I'm here to help everyone learn how to use their camera from a to z. Starting with the basics of camera work and composition - to dealing with clients and on site issues.

How I Learned and continue to make art

After completing a Bachelors Degree in Fine art (BFA). I jumped right into the industry at a small portrait studio. I continue to learn everyday on shoots. Every shoot has it’s own unique challenges and I’m here to help you with your challenges either large or small.

Working with a camera daily allows me to be comfortable in almost every situation. In my courses I am excited to share what I have learned on the job as well as simple camera techniques.

My Education

St. Francis University
Photography, Graphic Design and Art History

My Experience

Studio Art Director
Oversee all artistic decision and manage deadlines
Self - employed
Freelance Weddings and Portraits