Cheri Phillippi

LCO Instructor

Hello.My name is Cheri.I am from the western part of PA.I attended the University of Pittsburgh and then I lived and worked in Boston, MA.I am enthusiastic about teaching children about gardening and getting to know and meeting everyone.Thank you.

Hello! This is my story.

I grew up in the country with a grandmother that was an avid gardener for years.I grew up eating many types of organic fruits and vegetables.
It promotes health and wellness and a taste for healthy food at a young age, and promotes healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

It is my intention to teach about gardening, health, vocabulary, math, science, biology, through different types of activities; dependant upon age and level.Also, for the picky eaters that might not like a variety of fruits and vegetables that they can be delicious and healthy at the same time; and, also, that these activities and classes will be interactive and fun!

My Education

University of Pittsburgh, Liberal Arts


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