Cassie Finnell

Online Financial Instructor

A "once upon a time" corporate banking and finance manager who also has the unique mindset you only acquire from experiencing the "other side" of the tracks. Passionate about forming a "paywall" to stop the toxicit

“Captain Coin: Your Friendly Financial Superhero!”, AKA- Cassie

Ahoy, fellow money voyagers! I’m Captain Coin, your trusty guide through the treacherous seas of finance. Picture me in a cape made of dollar bills, with a calculator for a sidekick. My mission? To teach financial literacy to the youth, rescue debt-riddled adults, and sprinkle financial wisdom like confetti at a budget party.

Now, you might wonder, ‘Why Captain Coin?’ Well, it’s simple: I’ve got a piggy bank-shaped heart, a spreadsheet-shaped brain, and a knack for turning boring money talk into a stand-up comedy routine. Buckle up, because we’re about to sail through the choppy waters of credit scores, investment jargon, and the Bermuda Triangle of student loans.

My Education

Masters Equivalency - Fiance and Investments
Bachelors of Data Science
Cyber Security/ AI

Chase Private Client, Branch Manager

San Diego, CA
Substack/ Medium
Self - employed
Freelance Writer/ Educator
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