Carla Warnock

Assistant Professor

When asked what I do, I often say, jokingly that I am a beach bum with a job. I spend a lot of time in the water when my schedule allows, but I also love the beautiful hiking  trails and bike paths around San Diego, California where I live.  Over the years I have focused on creating a healthy work/restore balance. I often tip the scale on the professional and volunteer sides, but more often these days I can be found among the waves on my longboard or stand up paddleboard. I am an unrepentant aguaholic-a word I made up to describe my love of the water, especially in large bodies, and the activities done there. I am a Master Manifester and love to share my experiences manifesting amazing outcomes in my life including a loving, healthy relationship, a beautiful home,  work that I love  and amazing experiences in my current home town and abroad. I have released the lies of lack and limits. My life is a reflection of that. I am truly living the dream in so many ways! From working in professions that feel more like a calling than a job, to creating time to explore my hobbies and prioritize my health despite living with Multiple Sclerosis for over twenty years, I am truly a Co- Creator of a wonderful life! As much as I love to celebrate my blessings, I also love to teach others how I achieved such an amazing life, with tools we all carry within us.

Hello! This is my story.

I have been a practitioner and beneficiary of the Law of Attraction for over four decades, long before I had the terminology to describe my practice. I am a Master Manifester who is adept at guiding others within to identify and develop tools to support you in aligning with your highest purpose and best life.

I moved to San Diego as a young adult with $64, no job, a couple of college classes and my friend’s couch for a bed. I now own a beautiful five bedroom home, own my own businesses and spend my free time surfing, painting, hiking, cycling and reading.

As an empowerment coach, I enjoy teaching others the tools I use to create the life of my dreams. Prosperity and abundance is better when shared and I look forward to sharing my proven tools with you. I am fluent in American Sign Language and teach in either ASL or English.

I have created some amazing outcomes in my life. I have manifested jobs I have loved, paid trips to beautiful places, a beautiful home in lovely San Diego California. I am surrounded by an amazing village of loving supportive people, including the love of my life! Most importantly, I love who I am most of the time.  I am finally in a place in my life where I know without question that I  deserve every amazing outcome that I achieve. I am finally recieving joyfully and gratefully the amazing abundance from the Universe.
What I have done is not unique to me, or reserved for a select few people. It is available to each of us! If you are looking for a way to connect with your authentic self, your Divine wisdom, and the abundant prosperity that is your divine birthright, then join me for one of my empowerment focused classes.

I am fluent in American Sign Language work often as an interpreter for businesses, organizations and events. I can teach classes in English and ASL.

My Education

Harvard University
MBA from Harvard Business School (2004)
University of Michigan
BBA (2011)
Yale University
Electrical Engineering (2013)

My Experience

Project Manager
Self - employed
Assistant and Consultant
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