Conceptual Designer

Through the school of hard knocks and a million measurements...I have found a true passion for design! The unending process of learning extends with each new project. Architectural and Conceptual design of all scope push me and challenge me in ways I find exciting!

A little bit about ME!

During my years of fabricating different scenic designs, building custom interiors, and general contracting, I witnessed the use of architectural and structural elements in several areas. Furthermore, I find the integration of what I see in the different facets of design and creation as being able to cross over between concepts and ideas. This very observation fascinates me! Currently, I am an advanced architecture student as well as a scenic designer of over 13 years.

This class will focus on the very basic processes of design. We will explore the different ways that we get an idea from our mind’s eye to a medium that tells the story of our concept and design ideas. Together, we can do simple sketching exercises, basic scene depiction, storytelling with images. Plus, we will explore the different physical mediums used in design such as sketch, ink, markers, paint, cut and paste images, and much more.

Technical Direction for the theater is also a huge aspect of my life! I work with high school students on safe and professional practices in the live theater environment. I also have been selected to be published in a memoirs-style publication that is produced every 5 years by East Los Angeles College. I have had nearly 50 designs or projects reach fruition over the course of the last 20 years

My Education

Advanced Studies in Architecture
East Los Angeles College
Future Design Studies
Sci Arc or Woodbury

My Experience

Co-Founder and Artistic Director
H&H Design Experience Est. 2012
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