Autumn Hurbis


Hello everyone! I am an incoming junior at the University of Colorado Boulder where I study Elementary Education. Everyday I learn about how to become the best teacher for our next generation, as well as work hands-on with students in classrooms! I love to teach and I can't wait to meet you all :)

My Experience

At the University of Colorado Boulder, where I study Elementary Education, I am constantly learning new ways to teach children and how they learn best. I understand that every student has a different learning style and I will be teaching in a way that can cater to every child’s needs. Learning is supposed to be fun and not feel like work, I want the students in my class to be excited to learn so I will do my very best to make learning a fun and inviting experience during my class. I can’t wait to work with your student and make them love learning!

My Education

Saline High School
University of Colorado Boulder
Elementary Education Major

Work Experience

Cadet Teacher for 2nd grade and Kindergarten
Assistant Dive Coach
Math Tutor for elementary students
English Teacher for two students in Thailand
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