Arturo Acevedo Smith

Computer Animation & Stop Motion

My name is Arturo, I create computer animations and stop motion animations. I studied Film Production and 3D Animation at USC. I've worked with independent companies as well as larger ones like Frederator Studios & Costco. I also create animations for my YouTube channel which has over 60 million views to date. I have been making stop motion animations since 1998 and computer animations for over 9 years and was taught by some of the best in the industry.

Free your imagination

Learning animation is the first step toward bringing life to new worlds and characters. Animating is one of the most rewarding experiences in art. Though I was taught by some incredible people, I also taught myself a lot about stop motion and computer animation. It is through that self teaching that I will be able to pass on a lot of the techniques, problem solving, and experience that I have developed over the years.

My Education

Film Production
3D Animation

My Experience

YouTube Channel
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