Antonia Walsh

Professional Baker

Hello! My name is Toni, lets make something delicious!

I have worked in the culinary trade for many years studying the craft of deliciousness. After managing and becoming the head chef of a bakery, I had the exciting opportunity to launch my own business. My business mainly focused on creating cakes, pastries, and little bites for weddings, publications, and large events. During covid, I chose to continue down the educational path and into teaching, and now I get the best of both worlds, teaching baking! Whether you are brand new to the fun and challenging world of baking, or a seasoned veteran looking to share or discover new ideas, these classes will be right up your alley. Hope to see you soon!

My Education

Cuesta College
Marine Biology
ACS University
Marine Biology

My Experience

Wildflour Kitchen Co.
Owner & Creator
Buttercup Bakery
Head pâtissière & Manager
Teacher & Aid pre-k through 12th
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