Anthony McMorris

Fine Art Instructor

Currently residing in Houston, Texas, Anthony teaches private art classes, enjoys art collaborating and volunteering in the local art communities.

Hello! This is my story.

A US born American artist and instructor, Anthony formally started his professional art career in 2007, but has had a passion for fine art since his childhood. Through delving into illustration during his adolescent years, he later began to explore painting and his art embraced the traditional contemporary roots to conceptual compositions with harmonious details to captivate viewers.

Anthony makes art for solo and regular group exhibits and does commissioned work consistently for private collectors. He also exhibits annually with an established art group composing of artists from all over in the US which he has been a board member since 2019, assisting with local exhibits and workshops. Since exhibiting his work, he has won awards at annual juried competitions.

Anthony has also held painting and drawing demonstrations throughout the states of Texas, South Carolina and Michigan.

My Education

Penn Foster
Fine Arts
Academy of Art University
Web Design & New Media

My Experience

My Art Toolbox
Artist / Founder (2019)
Self - employed
Artist -Educator (since 2007)
Web Designer-Developer
2005 to Present
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