Anthony Anastasiou

Tutor / Instructor

Hi my name is Anthony and I have an extensive background in graphic design. The graphic design journey started for me when I was going for my associate in Liberal Arts; I discovered my talent for logo creation and graphic media when I was finishing my associate’s degree. I decided to go back and got my Associates in Graphic Design. I then want to further my education and decided to get my BFA in Graphic design at Briarcliffe College.

Instructor Bio

Anthony owns his own business specializing in both graphic design and web development. He is very interested in knowing how the newest and most trending software operate so he studies intensely the latest programs needed to do the best work possible for his clients.

He started tutoring around 3 years ago on his own. Most of his lessons have been taught at various locations or online over Skype and Teamviewer. His tutoring approach is one on one with a very hands-on teaching style. His students most often would come to him with a project they were already working on. He walks them through the project step by step. Anthony is very patient and will not go to the next step till they understand the step they are working on. He also shows them the theory behind what they were doing so they could learn the “why” behind what they were creating. Anthony has taught business owners, college students and high school students. I have tutored the beginner to the intermediate Photoshop, Illustrator, and HTML user; of various ages. After my classes you will know how to do simple photo editing, know the difference between CMYK and RBG printing, photo retouching, graphic layout for both web and print, and the proper way to use filters. You will learn what vectors are and when it is appreciated to use them. Whether it is to brush up, obtain, or enhance your skills I will work with you step by step from beginning concept to final project.

His skills are very diverse and he will dedicate his time to each student. Anthony tutors to make them satisfied with the knowledge of what he is teaching them.

My Education

Briarcliffe College
BFA in Graphic Design /w minor in Web Design (2012)
Suffolk Community College
Associate of Science in graphic design (2009)

My Experience

Business owner
Graphic Designer and Web Developer