Alyssa Rapelje

Cooking Coach

Hello! I am Alyssa and there are two things I love: food and learning! I am SO excited to meet you and experiment together. Let's get cooking!

About Me

As a former collegiate athlete, what I put into my body as fuel was vital to my performance in the classroom and on the field. Growing up, I always loved to bake with my mom, but never helped to cook. As an adult, I have fallen in love with creating in the kitchen, and sharing food with others.

After graduation, I work for a couple of different nonprofit organizations that worked with kids experiencing homelessness and kids and young adults with cancer. In each position I started a cooking or baking club that provided some fun and distraction in tough situations. Sometimes, I would invite chefs from all around the country to be guest hosts, and share their knowledge. Through this I learned so much, and now will bring my experience and knowledge to you!

My Education

Allegheny College
B.S. in Global Health and Psychology
University of Michigan
BBA (2011)
Yale University
Electrical Engineering (2013)

My Experience

Beverly's Birthdays
Program Manager
Connecting Champions
Program Manager
Youth Lacrosse Coach
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