Alicia Patterson

Alicia "Reygn" Patterson

I’ve always been passionate about children learning. As a stay at home mom when my children were small I taught them. My girls were reading by the time they were 3. My sons took a little longer. One of my sons really had a hard time. I took him out of school when he was 11 and home schooled him for a year. I’ve always been that person to go that extra mile when it comes to kids.

Hello. This is my story.

As a singer songwriter “Reygn” crosses all boundaries of music. She prides herself as being a versatile artist and producer. She has worked with many top veteran producers and artist as a singer and songwriter. As an artist, She has traveled the world singing various types of music. From Hip Hop with KRS One to Doo Wop with the Platers and a lot in between She feels it all. As well as performing she is also a playwright (At The Wave) and TV producer of a children’s show called “Meet Me At The Wave” that is a reoccurring weekly series on television in NYC.

She has a special love for children. As a mom of 5 and a NYC school bus driver for 15 years, most of her time and energy has been directed to uplifting children. Going to different organizations, She’s been using her talents to teach the principles of At The Wave. Calling the program “The At The Wave Experience” an hour one woman show. It’s very engaging and her goal is to make sure that every child learns the principles that she’s teaching.

My Education

Music And Art Class of 1984

My Experience

Sound Through Music
Owner 2016 = Present
School bus Driver
Set Entertainment Japan
Gospel singer 2001 -2002
Boogie Down Productions
back ground singer 2005- 2007
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