Alex Hoagland

Instructor (Art Peer)

Hi Everyone, I am happy to be able to share my ideas and creativity with all who are interested. I am a contemporary neopop surrealist. If you have a wild imagination an interested in making some awesome work come check out one of my sessions.

Hello! This is my story.

My name is Alex Hoagland, I am a 21-year-Old Artist from Cumberland Rhode Island. I have lived in Cumberland for most my life and it where I began studying art. When I was in fourth grade my school art teacher had realized a talent, I didn’t know I possessed so she reached out to my family. She offered to teach me in her private studio, I was 10 years old at the time. From there on out I spent every Friday for the next six years practicing art. I learned nearly every traditional medium in that time, starting with drawing in graphite, and charcoal to color pencil and eventually painting with oil paints. After some time and finishing numerous pieces I felt I was no longer making the progress I wanted to see, so I steered away from art for a few years and tried new things, robotic, track and so on.. Morbi accumsan ipsum velit. Nam nec tellus a odio tincidunt auctor a ornare odio. Sed non mauris vitae erat consequat auctor eu in elit.

It wasn’t until my freshman year of college when I picked a pencil up and started drawing again. I had a roommate who was an art major and we spent an abundance of nights staying up late taking Vyvanse and just drawing and painting. Those nights are what inspired me to start painting again. This time I was using acrylic paints with abstract thoughts I’ve never thought I could imagine. I was also thoroughly enjoying the art I was producing something I thought I had lost touch in. I decided then to move back home as a result of switching my major to architecture, a childhood dream of mine. I kept at painting though I had already a lot of painting supplies from when I practice art when I was younger this time though I was using acrylics in a completely different fashion.

With this drive to create fresh contemporary ideas I started diving deep into inspiration. Salvador Dali had also been a huge artistic influence on me a s a child and looking at what I was producing I self-categorized myself as a neopop surrealist. Dali is not the only artist to have an impact on my creative process, I actually take a lot of inspiration from some of the best contemporary artist such as KAWS, Felipe Pantone, Takashi Marukami, and especially Erik Parker who has to be my all-time favorite artist. With a stronger understanding on what these artists are producing and how they derive their work I was able to push, myself further and create stronger works. I grew an emphasis on depicting art that made me happy to see. I wanted these abstracted atmospheres to symbolize what goes unseen in our own atmosphere. I used cityscapes because of my long passion for architecture. I have surreal landscapes involved due to the every growing need to be more environmentally conscious. This brings me to today where I continue to create art an abundance of art across multiple form of media.

Although in the long term I plan to pursue architecture I will never stop producing art because it was something taught explicitly too me and is instilled in my character, I like to saw I don’t do it because I want to I do it because it’s what I know. Thank you so much for taking a moment to read a little bit about myself and my craft.

My Education

Boston Architectural College
B.Arch - Present
Community College of Rhode Island
Associates General Education

My Experience

Adobe Cloud
3+ years
Acrylic Painting
3+ years
Oil Painting
5 years
Drawing (graphite, charcoal, pen and ink)
10+ years