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Wellness Coach Aja

Wellness coaching is like life coaching, but instead of setting goals and charting progress, I dive deeper with you to address the subconscious and biological sources of motivation and de-motivation. I'll help you to integrate your whole mind, body, energy system - the whole "you." And from this strong foundation your inner engine fires up and moves you forward effectively. I've been coaching wellness clients from all walks of life since 2012. As your wellness coach, I am a resource to support you in your journey to help you be strengthened, renewed, and ready for the great things ahead.

Hello! Let’s be well.

I believe wellness is the key to your best life. That is why wellness is my passion! I started working as a wellness coach after finishing my holistic coaching training in 2012.

I look forward to learning and growing together in our classroom!

My Education

California Institute of the Healing Arts and Sciences
Certified 2012
University of Southern California
Graduated 2004

My Experience and Ingenio Partners
Wellness Coach
Various Agencies
Model and Performer
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