Witchy Arts & Crafts

Witchy Arts & Crafts

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Class Description


Welcome to Witchy Arts & Crafts! This is a beginners course focusing on foraging for plant material in your neighborhood or garden and turning it into works of art. It delves a little deeper than that, where we will also be exploring the folkloric and spiritual significance of the plants you choose and what they mean to you. It’s a dash of crafting, a dash of art therapy and will be a space to express your creative side while also connecting to nature. It doesn’t matter if you live in the country side or the city, there is bountiful treasures to be had nearby. We will be utilizing free or cheap materials that you either find outside, at a thrift store, or even things in your home to upcycle! I look forward to navigating these possibilities with you, and hope to see you in Witchy Arts & Crafts!


This class will be inclusive, welcoming all and a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals. I will be making sure correct pronouns will be used at all times. We will also be respectful of each other’s backgrounds and spiritual paths.



Class Requirements


A love for plants and a pension for creativity! This is a course focusing on the basics. No prior experience needed.


Class Supplies


In each class there will be different supplies needed to craft a project, however you needn’t worry until after as PDFs and recordings of the class will be provided.



Is this an active participation course? (Doing the craft along side you?)

You can practice techniques along with me if you like! Some projects may take you more time than others and notes will be provided in PDF form after class so you can focus on creating once we’re finished. I will give you step by step instructions of techniques during class, however and potentially do brief guided meditation and reflection on what brings you joy.

What will the structure of this class look like?

It will be equal parts discussion and education on techniques such as dehydrating, processing, applying the craft, and safe foraging, as well as finding the meaning in the material, processing and expressing through art, and information on plants that interest students as well as myself. I would like to think in every class we might reflect and prepare for a segment, then I will demonstrate a project in the same class. In the introductory courses, we will go over safe protocol of wild crafting and gather materials first and foremost. I am hoping for discussion and feedback on what you all will vibe with and what you might like to see more of. Though certainly there will be information both on a philosophy, psychology note and a practical application note such as safe/ethical harvesting, processing, and making art.

Does this course follow a particular spiritual path?

No it does not, I always stress inclusivity in my teaching that you can come from any background and any faith to participate. There are tones of the Green Witch path in this class, but witchcraft doesn’t abide by any particular religion. Green Witches live practically, and just wish to care for the Earth first and foremost.

Supply Cost?

As expressed, most of what we will be working with you can find outside in your neighborhood, a garden or a hike. However, glue (Tacky glue, Hot glue or some form of all-purpose glue) is necessary in stickin’ things together. I work with colorful twine and string a lot, and you may want to paint your pieces with acrylic or wood stain. With that said, these things aren’t needed and you can acquire them for well under five dollars. For floral arrangements or dried flower decor, you may only need a jar or vase (you could even repurpose a used jam jar!) or string to bundle it together and hang upon the wall.

Is there homework?

Not in the traditional sense, no. I may suggest you do some research or practice something, but it is entirely up to you and there will be no pressure or mandatory work to be done.

How long does this class run?

There will be four introductory courses to learn some basics. Then there will be one-off classes showcasing specific crafting techniques.

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