The Mayan Calendar (Tzolkin) for Personal & Spiritual Growth

The Mayan Calendar (Tzolkin) for Personal & Spiritual Growth

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Class Description


This class is a basic breakdown of the 260 day Sacred Count known as the Mayan Calendar or the Tzolkin.


We will be going through each of the Mayan glyphs breaking down the tones and sun signs into understandable concepts and words creating a simple and fun way to integrate this energy into your daily life.


I have been working with this calendar for far over a decade now and it has helped me along my path. If you have found your way to this page then perhaps the Tzolkin seeks you~


Class Requirements


An interest in this topic.


Class Supplies


Paper and something to write with if you wish to take notes.



Is this a religious calendar?

Yes the Tzolk’in is a religious calendar of the Maya Civilization however we will be working with it on a spiritual level for personal growth and conscious expansion.