Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading


Class Description


In this course, students will be instructed on the basics of reading tarot cards. The course begins with an overview of the tarot as a divine tool, continues into learning the cards and practice, and, ideally, ends with students attempting a 10-card, Celtic Cross based interpretation for themselves.
Of note, the instructor focuses on a situational reading style. The gaining of knowledge about the self and others via forming narratives is a focal point. Though fortune telling plays a role even in this style of reading, it is a minor aspect at most.
Also of note, though spirituality is associated with tarot card reading, those of any religious background or none at all can participate fully in this course.


Class Requirements


A willingness to study and practice beyond class times (homework).
A willingness to communicate during class and to work with others.


Class Supplies


Deck: a standard, 78-card deck of tarot cards. It is suggested that students choose a deck with images influenced by the Rider-Waite.


Storage: a bolt of silk large enough in which to wrap the cards and a box in which to keep the wrapped cards.


Study: a journal (electronic or physical) in which notes and interpretations will be kept.


Preparation (optional): the student’s choice of a bowl of salt, a crystal pendulum, incense or sage, or a bell.


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