Spanish Tutoring with A Spanish Speaker

Spanish Tutoring with A Spanish Speaker


Class Description


Growing up I was very fortunate to be bilingual giving me the ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish!


If you’re new to learning Spanish, want a refresher in some areas, or update your Spanish speaking, I’m here to help!


We are here to have fun, grow, and get more familiar with Spanish!


My goal is to get you comfortable using the lovely language of Spanish to better your day-to-day ex[periences with others, level up on skills for work, connect with loved ones and so much more!


Class Requirements


Have started learning Spanish so little or basic is preferred!


Class Supplies


Anything to take notes!



How long have you been speaking Spanish?

Since I was a child!

I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable but have holes in my knowledge and ability. Can I benefit from this class?

Yes, I will be working with you on whatever you’re needs are. Plus, you will be able to ask me specific questions!

Who is this class for?

While this is more for folks with some basic knowledge of Spanish anyone looking to learn more, anyone looking for a refresher, and even those looking to have specific questions answered are welcomed to join this amazing adventure!

No Schedules Currently Available.