Soul Talk: Journeying to Self Love

Soul Talk: Journeying to Self Love

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Class Description


In this course, we will discuss three key concepts to any individual beings journey to Self Love. How to Heal, How to Grow, and How to Love, are all important to learning how to give yourself love. Once you can learn to love yourself, all else will come to you.


I will pour into you as I pour into myself. Real life experiences will be shared. Real life topics/scenarios will be discussed. And real advice, tips, suggestions, affirmations, opinions, and words of encouragement will be given.


I invite you to come and grow with me. Allow yourself to love so that you may thrive on this planet we call Earth.


Class Requirements


Be open.
Release Judgment.
Be Impeccable with your word.
Try not to take things personally.
Do your best at everything you do.
Express Gratitude.
Be Truthful.
Be You.


Class Supplies


Anything that allows you to take notes, record the discussion, or key tabs on what was spoken.



Why should I believe what you have to say?

Believe in yourself. I am only asking that you learn to love yourself, as I am constantly learning everyday.

How old are you? You look very young.

I am quite young, but my soul has lived for years. 24 in human numbers, but infinity in my lifetime.

Where can I learn more?

Ask and you shall find, seek and you will forever be looking.