Social Marketing Ninja

Social Marketing Ninja

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Class Description


Learn how to create a quality AD that you’ll then promote and tweak so it receives 100’s if not 1000’s of impressions for cents on the dollar.


This ensures you save money on ADs while your product/service/message is pushed out to your primary target audience. You’ll learn how to effectively advertise on:
And TikTok.


These are the primary platforms Jon has personally used to generate himself $10’s of $1000’s in the past decade as well as over 30,000 followers on social media.


You’ll receive immediately applicable information AND a personalized consultation that, in this day and age, you’ll be able to apply and benefit from for years to come!


Class Requirements


My BEST students are:
-Action Takers


Class Supplies


For Notes: Pen & Paper
For Research: Google access to any social site



How effective is Social Marketing Ninja?

Jon has utilized the same tools, tips and tricks you’ll learn in this course to establish his authority online, build a responsive audience and passively generate paying clients (all while spending very little on actual advertising).


To-date, Jon has a collective social following of over 30,000 and has generated himself $1000’s using the information provided in this course. When you understand the inner workings of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other media platforms, you’ll find it much easier to generate new viewers, followers and/or prospects whenever you please.

How quickly can I expect results?

This depends on how much time, energy and/or money you’re willing to invest after learning what this course has to offer.


Naturally, paid marketing will produce the quickest insight, providing you the ability to tweak and improve your results within your first month. Free marketing takes more time and energy but also has the potential to build your audience while generating passive income as time goes on.

What is this course best used for?

The short answer is advertising. The long answer is whatever you’re looking to achieve.


Looking to rapidly grow your Facebook page?


Wanting to attract prospects?
No Problem!


Have capital to expedite your results?


Have little or no capital at all?
No worries, there are solutions!


Regardless of your goals, this course was designed to provide you the tips and tricks required for you to succeed.

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