Bas-Relief Sculpting From Ancient Greek Art

Bas-Relief Sculpting From Ancient Greek Art

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Class Description


Learn how to sculpt a bas-relief based on the beauty and masterful designs of ancient Greek coins. We will learn to transfer a design to 5" diameter, work with clay and use sculpting tools to build up, refine, and fine-tune our design. Then we will learn to prepare our clay to make a plaster mold. We will learn how mix and work with plaster to make a mold of our clay artwork. Then we will pour a plaster cast that will be our finished piece.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


8"x 8" x 5/8" plywood or wood board ; 1 lb. of Protolina soft (oil-based) clay or similar; Wood Ruler or straight-edge; Compass, Clay sculpting tools: Kemper W21 and Kemper W3E, other types are optional additions; 4 or more lbs of Plaster of Paris; Small container of Vaseline; PAM cooking spray; Green liquid Dish Soap.


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