Principles of Tarot

Principles of Tarot

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Class Description


The Principles of Tarot is a class focusing on the beginner tenets one is to learn to start practicing Tarot with confidence. In this course we will explore tapping into one’s intuition, introduction to the Major and Minor Arcana and the history of Tarot and its influence on Western Occultism. You can join this class using any Tarot deck, as we will focus on the symbolism of your unique cards and what they mean to you.


This class will be inclusive, welcoming all and a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals. I will be making sure correct pronouns will be used at all times. We will also be respectful of each other’s backgrounds and spiritual paths.


Class Requirements


There are no requirements, this is an entry level class.


Class Supplies


A Tarot Deck of your choosing.



What is Tarot?

Tarot is a divinatory tool utilizing Tarot Cards to foresee and or analyze aspects of one’s reality. While pop culture has given Tarot a certain dark and taboo image, for me personally, it’s a methodology I have used to assess my mental health, where I need spiritual growth and to strive for self betterment. This is how I will teach it, as something to be used to improve and grow from one’s circumstances or instances the sub-conscious wishes to pull to the surface for healing.

Does Tarot follow a specific spiritual path?

No, it does not. While several decks will utilize symbolism of certain paths such as the Kabbalah, or Kemetism, anyone can use Tarot. There’s a broad array of decks nowadays that will surely reflect your truths. I may discuss religion-based history with Tarot, but truly it is what you wish to make of it that matters. All walks of life are welcome to this course, so long as they are respectful and inclusive to others unlike them.

If I don't have a Tarot Deck, do I have to wait for someone to give me one?

No. This is a myth, and while it is nice to receive a deck as a gift, it isn’t necessary to begin a path in Tarot. Please purchase or procure one that really speaks to your soul and spirituality. That’s far more important.

Which deck will you be using in this class?

I will be using the Rider-Waite deck and the Dragon Tarot by Terry Donaldson. Each have unique symbolism, as I want to show the diversity of Tarot and how each one has beautiful and meaningful works of art that can convey entirely different messages to the.

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