Prepare, Present, Perform: Effective presenting skills for business and beyond

Prepare, Present, Perform: Effective presenting skills for business and beyond

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Class Description


It is said that 75% of people fear public speaking. At least that many will be required to do it throughout their careers.


There are a lot of public speaking classes out there. Most provide cookie cutter guidelines on the elements of good orating and how to make a nice Powerpoint. What they don’t cover is how to handle different venues and audiences, and how to be prepared for unexpected mishaps that you can’t control.


Every person is different and as such so is every audience. Every topic has nuances that are as unique as the speaker and the listeners. These variables must be considered when preparing the information that will be presented.


In Prepare, Present, Perform I draw on my real world experience speaking in different venues on different topics to a wide range of different audiences throughout my career. Using this experience I have developed tools and techniques for goal-based preparation that can help anyone become a more effective public speaker.


In this class you will learn how to consider the audience, the content, the venue, and most importantly yourself, in order to craft an informational performance, not just give an acceptable slide presentation.


The best protection against fear is confidence. The best tool for building confidence is preparedness. This course shows you how to prepare yourself to give the best public address that you can.


Here are just a few things covered in this course:


– Gathering and structuring information
– Keeping audience attention
– Being comfortable by being yourself
– Different venues including web events
– Multiple tools for building slide decks
– Being prepared for the unexpected
And much more!


Perfect for business people, sales reps, technical trainers, team leaders, students, and executives.


Class Requirements


Device with working internet connection.


Class Supplies





Who should take this class?

Anyone who needs to speak publicly at any point in their life. Whether you are doing business presentations, sales pitches, technical trainings, or college class reports, this class can help you do them better.

I am terrified of public speaking. Will this class help me get over that.

This course offers techniques to help people be comfortable and even use their fear as an asset when presenting.

I only need help giving small speeches and not making Powerpoints. Will this class still help me?

Yes! This class will absolutely help you. Being able to present with slide decks is a great skill to have on reserve should you need it in the future. It’s also a great way to prepare to give a presentation, even if you are not using any visuals.

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