Live Online Pre-Calculus Course

Live Online Pre-Calculus Course

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Class Description


This course is designed to prepare you for learning calculus. This is not a course about concepts
and mechanics as much as it is a course about problems. This course will help you develop the skills and stamina necessary
to solve lengthy, multi-step problems, involving a variety of pre-calculus mathematical concepts.


Below is an outline of topics covered in this course in order:


1. Introduction, Unit Conversion, Coordinate systems, and Distance Formula.
2. Lines and Circles, Lines and linear modeling, Intersections, Uniform linear motion, and parametric equations.
3. Functions and graphs, and Multipart functions.
4. Quadratic functions and optimization
5. Function composition, and Inverse functions.
6. Exponential functions and logarithms, Shifting, dilation, and reflection.
7. Rational functions, and Angular measure.
8. Circular motion, Trigonometry
9. Trigonometric functions, Sinusoidal functions, and Inverse trigonometric functions.
10. Sinusoidal equations and modeling.


Class Requirements


High School Math


Class Supplies


You only need note-taking supplies and a calculator


For additional resources you can look at the following resources:


Textbook (optional): Precalculus, 2019 Edition (latest edition), D.H. Collingwood, K.D. Prince and M. M. Conroy


Paul’s Online Math Notes Website:".



Do I need any supplies or textbooks?

You will just need note-taking materials and a calculator

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