Oceanscape – Serene Sky With Clouds (Part 2)

Oceanscape – Serene Sky With Clouds (Part 2)


Class Description


As we continue from part 1, we will delve deeper into painting clouds, applying techniques that can affect their appearance and level of relevancy to a painting. The understanding of placement of clouds will be covered more in detail that creates a more distinct presence in the sky. As we close on Part 2, as a bonus, we will cover how adding some small details can push your sky another eye catching level higher.


I hope to see you there as we continue the journey of understanding what makes the story within the painter.


Let’s get started!


Class Requirements


A quiet area with no distractions to paint.


Class Supplies


◘ Painting palette
(styrofoam plate
is acceptable)
◘ Acrylic Paints
Colors: Warm blue &
Titanium White
◘ 16 inch x 20 inch
primed canvas(Part 1
canvas continued)
◘ 2 Cups or bucket
with water added
◘ Brush:
(1) Flat 2 inch
(1) Flat 1/2 inch
(1) #4 Round
◘ Paper towels
◘ Artist smock
◘ Table with chair or stool or Easel (Floor or tabletop model easel)
◘ 3 sheets of Blank
white paper.



Can I use any other color besides blue?

Yes. I encourage creativity always! The same methods can be applied using any color.

How long does it take for the acrylic paints to dry?

Generally, acrylic paints dry very fast. However, in some instances it can depend on the weight
of the paint and the amount applied to the canvas.

Is there a preference in using a standing easel or tabletop?

No preference. You can decide which you feel more comfortable in using for painting.

Do you offer classes on painting landscapes?

Yes. Please check my profile regularly for updates on class listings. Thank you!

No Schedules Currently Available.