Oceanscape – Land And Elements (Part 2)

Oceanscape – Land And Elements (Part 2)


Class Description


We will pick up from part 1 in continuance of creating our land with elements and the importance of their placement. Adding details to elements and pushing the land to another level that is aesthetically captivating to viewers will be demonstrated. You’ll gain the skills to roll these simplified painting methods into your next painting and display it with confidence. Hope to see you in the class!


Let’s get started!


Class Requirements


A quiet area with no distractions to paint.


Class Supplies


◘ Painting palette
(styrofoam plate
is acceptable)
◘ Acrylic Paints
Colors: Burnt Sienna, Green,
Cadmium Yellow,
Black & White)
◘ 9 inch x 12 inch
primed canvas
◘ 2 Cups or bucket
with water added
◘ Brush:
(1) Flat 2 inch
(1) #4 Round tip
(1) #1 Liner
◘ Paper towels
◘ Artist smock
◘ Table with chair or stool or Easel (Floor or tabletop model easel)
◘ 3 sheets of Blank
white paper.



What brand type of Acrylic paints should I use?

Liquitex would be a preferred brand, but most brands will do for the class.

Do I need to have any experience in painting for the class?

No experience is needed. Relax and enjoy the experience gained from the class.

Is there a particular brand of brush needed?

No particular brand is required, but brushes with synthetic bristles are better suited for painting with acrylics.

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