Intermediate ESL Through Current Events

Intermediate ESL Through Current Events


Class Description


Students will apply grammar and vocabulary lessons to real-life current events in the news and relevant to everyone’s life. There will be room for students to have a say in what topics they would like to use for lesson themes and discuss in class.


Class Requirements


This class is intended for students learning English as a second language who have some of the basics down, such as simple present and simple past, enough vocabulary to hold a basic English conversation, and enough writing skill to be legible.


Class Supplies


Students will need to do some writing, but however they prefer to do that is fine. This could mean a notebook and pencil or a word processing software on their computer.


Basic Syllabus

Week 1

-Get to know each other
-Class discussion on what you want to discuss and get out of class
-Reading and writing lessons on health vocabulary

Week 2

-Listening and speaking lessons on government vocabulary

Week 3

-Reading and writing lessons on passive language

Week 4

-Listening and speaking lessons on use of the second conditional

Week 5

-Writing lesson on special occasions
-Wrap-up and feedback session

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