Mastering Your Everyday Makeup Routine

Mastering Your Everyday Makeup Routine

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Class Description


Doing your own makeup can be intimidating. With so many brands, types of products, and styles out there, it can be hard to know if you’re doing it “right.” I’m here to break it down for you in simple steps, complete with recommendations, explanations, and modifications. Join me for a fun, information filled lesson on creating an everyday makeup routine that works for you. Come with no makeup on and do your routine with us as we go, or feel free to join in with a notebook to jot down tips to try later.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


Bring your makeup and makeup brushes, as is, no need to buy anything new just yet. My goal is to help you work with what you have, and to make product recommendations based on what you’re going for.


Also helpful to have on hand: a mirror, some q-tips, and some tissue or paper towel.



Do I have to have experience with makeup to take this class?

Not at all! I’ll be teaching to all levels, explaining a simple everyday look. Makeup takes practice, and we all start somewhere.

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