Filipino Kali: Principles of Protection

Filipino Kali: Principles of Protection

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Class Description


Here, you’ll explore and study one of the fundamentals trademarks of human development: the use of tools. While empty hand methods of protection are helpful, it is the tool–the club, the rock, the sword, the gun–that has allowed humanity to overcome and conquer its natural adversaries.


Kali encapsulates this with its adherence to learning the bolo (sword or blade) in its most primal form. Here, you’ll learn the principles of footwork and striking that will allow you to pick up just about any tool–a stick, knife, sword, rock, even a Sharpie or Bic pen–for effective use to protect yourself and others. Learn the tribal Filipino methods of warfare and combat here!


Class curriculum is divided into different sections of skills that build upon one another. It’s important to attend all sessions for the proper balance of skill development.


Each 4-class series is broken up into four weeks. There is a required initial intro class that will be necessary to build up the basics before you begin.


Class Requirements


An interest in martial arts


A good attitude to learn


A heart to train


Class Supplies


(These supplies are available at


Rattan escrima/kali sticks
(you may substitute 28 inch lengths of PVC pipe with wooden dowels inside)


(Optional) Training knife – rubber, plastic, wood or aluminum


Comfortable clothes that allow good shoulder and foot mobility



Do I need to have experience learning martial arts?

Nope! Everyone starts at the same base level. Whether you’ve trained in FMA for years or if you’ve never thrown a punch in your life, anyone can learn this style from the ground up!

Are there fitness requirements?

No matter your fitness level, just about anyone can swing a stick. That being said, you should go at the pace which is suitable for you, yet which challenges you to grow in endurance. Push for that extra rep!


Most importantly: please consult with your doctor before engaging in ANY highly physical activities. Your body is still your best weapon and you should take care of it!

What if I don't have the equipment?

Come check us out anyway! You can use a PVC pipe with a dowel insert, an old broomstick, a tree branch of good length, whatever you can swing. We can also give recommendations where you can purchase some quality rattan training sticks at a discount rate. Or even just flow with the drills using your empty hands–these principles work across any weapon!

What if I miss a class?

These are precision skills and they build upon one another, so you don’t want to miss a class if at all possible. If you do, let me know and we can try to set up a one-on-one session to make it up. Private sessions will incur an additional fee.

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