The Joy of Public Speaking

The Joy of Public Speaking

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Class Description


This is a fun class where students get to listen, evaluate, and speak. Students uncover the essential communication skills living within each of us. Experience and practice change how you feel about speaking up.

Becoming a competent communicator improves your professional life, enhances your social life, and helps you participate more fully in the community around you.


Students learn how to prepare and deliver speeches in various styles. For example, speaking to inform, persuasive speaking and influencing others, and how to give special occasion presentations.


Come find your voice!


Class Requirements


Students must have access to a desktop or a laptop computer, a quiet space where you can fully participate in the online class – both speaking and listening.


Oh, and bring your sense of humor to each class meeting.


Class Supplies


Desktop, tablet, or laptop.


Cell phones are not recommended.



Public speaking scares me, why should I take this class?

Success in any profession demands that you know how to communicate your good ideas to other people. Everyone needs to learn to prepare their thoughts, then put them into words.

I'm shy! I don't like to talk in front of people.

This class is a journey we take together. You are here to gain experience, corral your thoughts, and learn how to improve your skills.

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