Introduction to Photography

Introduction to Photography


Class Description


In my Introduction to Photography class I will teach you the basic skills you need to operate and navigate your way while working with a DSLR camera.


Along with how to operate your camera, I will go over different lenses, basic editing and how to format your images properly for websites & social media.


Class Requirements


You must have a DSLR camera. No point and shoots.
Having multiple lenses is NOT required but I will go over different focal lengths and what types of lens work best for certain photography jobs.


Class Supplies


-DSLR camera
-computer with editing program



What if I don't have a DSLR yet but am looking to get one?

You can still join the class, however I find it is easier to learn by doing.

Will there be assignments?

Yes but nothing major and no grades will be given, just feedback.

What if we have a film camera and are looking to learn more about that?

As long as it’s not a point and shoot the skills you’ll learn in this class you can still apply to a film camera!

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