Introduction to Basic Night-Sky Photography

Introduction to Basic Night-Sky Photography

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Class Description


This virtual online course will introduce you and teach you the basics of night-sky photography. Your class instruction will give you a foundation using visuals and prepare you for the hands-on creative capture. You will learn the how, what, when and why? Astrophotography is a unique and specialized form of photography that requires long exposures during extreme low-light conditions. This course will teach you the techniques involved for creating good images, using your equipment properly and learning the night sky!


Class Requirements


Since this is an online virtual course, no gear is needed.


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Are there hands-on fieldtrips with this course?

No. This is a foundation course created to teach you the basics of astrophotography with a special emphasis on "camera-on-tripod" techniques. This course will prepare you for your in-the-field night-sky photography!

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