Introduction to Acrylic Pour Painting

Introduction to Acrylic Pour Painting


Class Description


An innovative journey using acrylic paints to form an art piece. Instead of using brushes or knives to create a piece of art, fluid-paints are used directly on the surface and the canvas tilted to move the paint around. In this class, you will be creating with your imagination and applying paint. No prior experience necessary.


Class Requirements


Table, chair, drop cloth for floor, and a tablecloth.


Class Supplies


Dixie cups, Canvas, 2-8×10, latex gloves, paper towels or rag, Push pins (for canvas), Freezer paper (optional), apron, spray bottle with water, craft sticks to even out the paint, Table protection: tablecloth, newspaper, drip pan or old cookie sheet.
• Strongly recommend ready to pour paint-no mixing. One of the colors must be white. Where to purchase. Michaels: DecoArt, $5.99, 8oz, 26 colors. Artist Loft, 16.9 oz, $14.99, 20 colors. Or Exceptional ready to pour paints



What if I have done this process before? Can I use what I have?

Yes. Just so you know that this class is set-up for the beginner. You might not gain any new material.

How long will it take for my art piece to dry?

If you keep your art in an area that is room temperature too cool, has low humidity and does not get messed with, it should dry with no issues. It should dry in about 1 week depending on how thick the paint is.

What is a dirty pour?

Layers of paints poured/or drizzled on top of each other in the same cup creates a “dirty pour.”

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